The Amount Of Money Kevin Durant Might Re-Sign For Is Downright Disgusting

Kevin Durant might re-sign with the Golden State Warriors for a mind-blowing amount of money.

According to ESPN, the two-time NBA Finals MVP can re-sign with the Warriors for up to $158 million over four years. I saw the numbers floating around on ESPN this morning, and I was shocked. (SLIDESHOW: THESE GORGEOUS WOMEN LOVE BASKETBALL)

I’m not an accountant by any measure, but I’m pretty sure that $158 million is a lot of money. Again, I’m not an accountant or financial adviser. I’m just a dude on his way to taking over the internet, and I know money when I see it. In my professional opinion, $158 million is going to be enough to buy a person at least a couple steak dinners.

Now, I’m over here with about $20 to my name. So, go ahead and factor that in when it comes to my opinion on money. I could be wrong. Maybe, $158 million over four years isn’t enough to ball out on.

In all seriousness, the contracts in the NBA are getting out of control. Football players must look at these deals and just laugh with frustration and disappointment. Durant is on pace to make more money in four years than most superstar quarterbacks make in a career. (SLIDESHOW: These Sexy Women Love Football)

Russell Wilson is on a four year deal worth only $87 million, and he’s a superstar in the NFL. There is no comparison at all.

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