Celebrate The Army’s Birthday With Some Of Their Most Inspiring Photos Throughout History [SLIDESHOW]

Thursday, June 14, is the United States Army’s birthday.

The United State’s oldest armed force turns 243 years old today, and it’s important to remember all they have done to protect our nation — both at home and abroad.

The United States Congress established the Infantry division on June 14, 1775, then the Adjutant General’s Corps, Corps of Engineers, Finance Corps, and Quartermaster Corps just two days later. The Army has been pretty much dominating the world ever since.

It’s pretty hard not to be impressed by the US Army. The Army Green Berets — a special forces division of the Army — is one of the most elite special operations forces on the face of the planet. And they go by some pretty badass names, too. Sometimes referred to as the “Snake Eaters,” the “Bearded Bastards,” and the “Quiet Professionals,” the Green Berets are usually the first into a war zone and the last out. And if they do their job right, you won’t ever know they were there.

Check out some of the US Army’s best photos over the years below.

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