18-Year-Old Israeli Girl Stabbed Repeatedly By Palestinian Terrorist

In America, 18-year-old girls don’t worry too much about being stabbed. But in Israel, where Palestinian terrorists attack Israelis of all ages from infants to the elderly, 18-year-old girls have reason to worry.

On Monday in Afula, Shuva Malka, an 18-year-old resident of Migdal Ha’emek, was stabbed in the upper body by a Palestinian terrorist from Jenin. The terrorist was in his 20s, according to police. A police spokesperson stated, “Police shot the suspect in the leg after calling upon him to stop. The suspect was arrested with a knife in his possession…The main line of investigation is that this was a terror attack, however the investigation is continuing in order to rule out other motives.”

The Times of Israel reported, “Later in the day, Hebrew media reported police were closer to determining the attack was nationalistically motivated. The Palestinian suspect, reportedly from the West Bank city of Jenin, was in Israel without a permit, police said.”

Malka was stabbed in the street and collapsed outside a local coffee shop, according to police. A medic who cared for Malka said, “When we arrived at the scene, it was very chaotic. There was an 18-year-old girl sitting on a chair at the entrance to a store. She was conscious and suffering from multiple stab wounds to the upper body.” Malka was rushed to the HaEmek Medical Center in serious condition, according to the Magen David Adom ambulance service.

Malka’s mother said, "God gave us a great miracle. She was on her way to exams when she saw a terrorist with a knife in front of her. He brutally stabbed her several times. I expect the State to take responsibility for the safety of our children, so they that can feel safe while waiting at a bus stop, without having to worry about dangers lurking ahead."

Migdal HaEmek Mayor Eli Barda said, “We were shocked to hear about the stabbing of a daughter of Migdal HaEmek in the center of Afula by a despicable delinquent, and I'm certain security forces will do everything to take care of him and the house from which he comes. We wish her a speedy recovery. The connection between Migdal HaEmek and Afula reminds us of the murder of Afula resident Shelly Dadon in Migdal HaEmek four years ago."

Dadon, 20, was murdered in the back of a taxi by being stabbed 17 times by a Palestinian in 2014. Her last words were to her mother on the phone, “I can’t breathe …”

from Daily Wire https://ift.tt/2MibGLQ