The Top Selling Jerseys Of NFL Draft Picks Might Surprise You

Darren Rovell recently tweeted out the best selling jerseys from NFL draft picks, and the results might surprise you a bit.

The top five jerseys, according to Fanatics, are as follow:

  1. Saquon Barkley/ New York Giants
  2. Baker Mayfield/ Cleveland Browns
  3. Sam Darnold/ New York Jets
  4. Josh Allen/ Buffalo Bills
  5. Shaquem Griffin/ Seattle Seahawks

You know which jersey surprises me the most? Shaquem Griffin being only fifth overall. The man has taken the league by absolute storm. I know he was a day three pick, but everybody loves his story. He’s got one hand, and is out here balling. He’s become an absolute hit before even playing a single snap.

It’s also a bit surprising that Mayfield is the top selling guy overall. You’d figure a quarterback taken first overall would be without a doubt the top selling jersey, especially given the fact he’s in front of cameras all the time.

Everything else doesn’t seem too crazy. I just would have thought for sure that Griffin would be higher and Mayfield would be locking up the top spot.

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