The Ball Brothers’ Return To America Raises A Few Eyebrows

The Ball family didn’t look like their usual selves when LiAngelo and LaMelo returned to America from Lithuania late Monday.

TMZ reported the following on their return:

The boys are back now … and even though the cameras from their “Ball In The Family” reality show were shooting, the guys weren’t putting on much of a show — with Lonzo munching Pringles and LaVar uncharacteristically quiet. 

Have they been humbled? We doubt it, but the silent treatment is extremely interesting considering the family’s recent number of setbacks. 

You can watch a video of the return here. They’re extremely uncharismatic and nothing at all like the crew usually is. It’s out of character for sure.

I have no idea what is the future for the two youngest Ball brothers. LaMelo won’t even be eligible for the NBA for a couple more seasons, and LiAngelo almost certainly isn’t getting drafted.

My best guess is that LiAngelo is headed to the G-League and LaMelo will probably find himself on a different European or Asian roster next season. The youngest Ball brother is a legit NBA prospect. He just needs to get much stronger along the way.

All I know for sure is that the Ball saga will never stop being entertaining, especially giving Lonzo’s success with the Lakers. We all know LaVar isn’t going away anytime soon. We’ll just have to wait a couple months to find out where these two will be playing next.

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