‘SEAL Team’ Is Excellent In Season One Finale. Shines A Light On The Horrors Of War

CBS’ “SEAL Team” wrapped up its first season Wednesday night, and it was excellent in every regard.

I’ve been crystal clear about my love of this show for a long time, and I’ve noted that I was really hoping for a strong finish to the first season. Well, it didn’t disappoint at all. It stayed true to what the show had been about all year, and that was shining a light on the horrors of war. There was nothing romanticized or made to look like a cheap action movie.

“SEAL Team” also spent a substantial time focusing on PTSD and the trauma that is below the surface. In the closing moment, the team’s leader, Jason (David Boreanaz), has flashbacks to the battlefield while in a small restaurant. The pain and trauma he experienced throughout the whole show finally bubbles over. It was a difficult scene to sit through, but it was powerful. (RELATED: ‘SEAL TEAM’ CONTINUES TO BE ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS ON TELEVISION)

“SEAL Team” isn’t just awesome because we get to see some military tactics, shootouts and bad guys getting killed. It’s awesome because it feels real, and it doesn’t polish over the hard stuff.

Our military guys aren’t brainless robots. They’re highly trained professionals who can suffer from a variety of issues. The show didn’t shy away from shining a light on the ugly just as much as the fun stuff.

I have no idea what to expect in season two, but if it’s anything like the first season, it will be awesome.

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