California Legend Of A Man Dines, Dashes And Leaves Women With Dinner Bills

An unidentified California man is all over the internet for allegedly wracking up huge dinner bills, and leaving his female dates with the tab after dashing out.

CBS Los Angeles’ video on the situation went viral after they interviewed a woman under the alias of Hunter, who complained about him order shrimp tacos and then ditching out. You’ll understand why this video is all over the internet after watching it.

I saw this yesterday, and initially didn’t care much. It was the internet reaction that drew me back in, and fully onboard. Check out a few of the best reactions below.

I’m not justifying this dude at all, but you have no sense of humor if you don’t find this pretty funny. First off, who the hell complains about the price of fish tacos? Isn’t that like $15? If I get stuck with a bill for $15, I might not be happy, but I’m not going on the news. I might blow the person up a little bit, but again, I’m not making it a national news story.

I think that’s part of the reason why people are laughing at this so hard. An actual news station took the time to seriously report about a man dining and dashing. Does anybody think this would get any attention if the roles were reversed? Of course it wouldn’t.

The options here leave me with no choice, but to deem this man a Smoke Room legend. Not because leaving women with the bill is cool, but because he managed to whip up the internet for the dumbest possible reason. We’re all about that.

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